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For lively rascals and tired warriors, for their parents, Alpine lodge guests and festival-goers – light sleeping bag and lodge wear in one!

It couldn’t be more convenient! Fluffy fleece sleeping bag which can be converted into a cosy jumpsuit in just one step.

The convertible HÜTTEN GIRL, HÜTTEN BOY and HÜTTEN CHILD sleeping bags are equipped with a zipper in the middle, so that they can be turned into an overall by closing the zipper between the legs. This provides great mobility, so that the lively little ones, just like their parents, can easily dash around the lodge and keep comfortably warm all the time. When the little ones are tired, you just have to close the zipper the other way and the tired warriors are ready for bed – while the grown-ups sit together and relax and close their leg-zippers later.

The ideal companion in every lodge, at every festival, on parties or on the couch at home.

Grüezi+Bag, the sleeping bag brand from the Alps!

  • Outer material: fleece 210g/m² (100% polyester)
  • Inner material: cotton mix (10% cotton 90% polyester)
  • Design: embroidery
  • Pack size: 14 x 33cm
  • Pack volume: 5L
  • Size Hüttenboy (green): for body height up to 190 cm - weight: approx. 950g
  • Size Hüttengirl (red): for body height up to 173 cm - weight: approx. 850g
  • Size Hüttenchild (turquoise): for body height up to 150 cm – weight: approx. 670g