WellhealthBlanket Wool Deluxe

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WellhealthBlanket Wool Deluxe

Relax and feel good.

The body needs a lot of energy to regulate its temperature. Wool balances the climate and thus performs part of the temperature regulation. The free energy can be used for recreation by the body.

At home on your couch or outside in the tent in summer: just snuggle up in the blanket and feel comfortable. It is useful for almost everybody. It is the ideal companion for travelling; if the hotel does not come up to your expectations, you will still sleep well in the WellhealthBlanket Wool Deluxe. When doing a short trip to see friends, who wants to take all the bedding? Here, too, the lightweight and small-packing WellhealthBlanket Wool Deluxe will do. It also is the ideal equipment in the caravan or the mountain lodge.

The WellhealthBlanket Wool Deluxe has an additional layer of Synthdown for a higher insulation.

How AlmWolle by lavalan® works

Our body requires a lot of energy to regulate its temperature. Sheep’s wool offsets the climate and therefore partly takes care of temperature regulation. The remaining energy can be used to help the body recover. The processed AlmWolle by lavalan® used in Biopod sleeping bags acts as a natural air conditioning system: the body is constantly emitting moisture. However, when it gets too humid in the sleeping bag, the body gets very cold and it is no longer possible to sleep well. Wool absorbs the moisture and releases it outwards. It does so in small amounts to prevent evaporative cooling. This regulates the temperature in the sleeping bag, retaining heat or cooling, to create comfortable conditions for a restful sleep. Wool also provides warmth in damp conditions.

Grüezi bag uses wool from sheep in the Alps as the filling for its product line, Biopod.

Durable, natural, bio-degradable and renewable: Sheep’s wool, in this case special AlmWolle by lavalan®, can be shorn annually.

WellhealthBlanket Wool Deluxe: an all-round blanket which everyone can use in many ways and which helps you to relax and sleep better.

  • perfect for Caravan & Camping
  • For relaxing on the couch in the evening
  • For having breakfast on the balcony
  • For camping in summer
  • To stay at a friend’s home overnight
  • In the hotel
  • In the caravan
  • In heated mountain lodges

Care instruction:

The WellhealthBlanket Wool Deluxe can easily be washed in the washing machine on the wool cycle ( Washing instructions).

  • Filling: 1st layer: AlmWolle by lavalan®: 85% pure new wool (VW), corn starch 15% Ingeo™ (PLA)*, 2nd layer: synthdown 100% polyester
  • Outer- / inner material: Multi-sueded cosy and soft micro fibre
  • Size: 200 x 150 cm (for body heights 160 – 200 cm)
  • Weight: Approx. 1.600g
  • Material: 100% polyester, Filling: 1st layer: 85% wool / 15% polylactide, 2nd layer: 100% polyester
  • rolled with belt: approx. Ø 21 x 37 cm

Very soft and cosy light-weight blanket (200 x 150 cm); can be transformed into a sleeping bag.

Wool in a sleeping lab:

Download study about wool in german as PDF-file
Download study about wool in Englisch as PDF-file




The WellhealthBlanket Wool is also available in a thinner and lighter version: WellhealthBlanket Wool.


When you unpack the wool sleeping bag for the first time, it takes some time for it to become fluffy. The best result can be achieved by occasionally shaking it up and taking your time. (Insider tip: If you iron the sleeping bag loosely with a steam iron and silk setting before using it for the first time, the wool will heat up faster and can also regulate the climate better.)


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