Biopod DownWool Ice CompostAble

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Biopod DownWool Ice CompostAble

Sleeping bag made of compostable materials with innovative, natural DownWool filling for cold winter nights.

It is important to us at Grüezi bag to develop sleeping bags which offer an outstanding sleeping climate whilst keeping their ecological footprint at a minimum.

The Biopod DownWool Ice CompostAble is our first sleeping bag which is almost 100% compostable. In the industrial composting process, the materials used decompose within as little as 200 days. Conventional polyester on the other hand, takes over 400 years to decompose.

In theory, you could even dispose of the sleeping bag on your own garden compost heap. Decomposition would, however, take much longer in that case.

The selected dyes used to color the material are "Made in Switzerland" and harmless to man and nature. Developed and produced by CHT, a color manufacturer with a focus on sustainable products and process solutions.

The insulating material for the Biopod DownWool Ice CompostAble is an innovative mix of renewable and biodegradable raw materials such as down and wool – DownWool.

Because the life of a product has an extremely positive effect on its ecological balance, Grüezi bag only use materials that possess an extremely high mechanical durability. The sleeping bag can be refilled with DownWool or, if necessary, repaired by one of our service partners. A long product life is therefore guaranteed.

In order to avoid unnecessary plastic waste, the sleeping bag comes in a robust paper bag. The storage bag is made of cotton.

Alongside the excellent ecological footprint, the Biopod DownWool Ice CompostAble also has all the usual Grüezi bag characteristics; good insulation properties with light weight and small packing dimensions.

The selected dyes used to color the material are "Made in Switzerland" and harmless to man and nature. Developed and produced by CHT, they have been a paint manufacturer with a focus on sustainable products and process solutions.

How DownWool works

DownWool is an innovative high-end filling composed of 70% down and 30% wool. Down has a very high insulation capacity and a low weight. However, down only provides insulation as long as it is dry. With increasing humidity, the insulating effect of down is significantly reduced. The characteristic of wool is that it provides insulation and absorbs moisture. In this way, the down will stay dry and thus keeps its very high insulation capacity. With the unique mix of DownWool we achieve optimal insulation and a perfect dry sleeping climate with a low weight. The sleeping climate is decisive for sleep quality. The deeper and more relaxed your sleep, the more rested you will be the next morning.


The ideal companion for cold winter nights in the tent for the environmentally conscious


  • Adjustable hood: adapts to the shape of the head extremely well
  • Face baffle: forms a softer transition of insulation to the face and prevents loss of heat.
  • Draft collar: fits snugly around the neck and prevents heat escaping
  • Drawstring pocket: So that the drawstring on the draught collar does not cause any annoyance, a simple drawstring pocket ensures that it is safely stowed away.
  • Pillow pocket: Put a piece of clothing, e.g. a fleece jacket, into the pillow pocket to create a pillow that stays in place.
  • Inner and external pockets: for valuable items and things you would rather have close by
  • Two-way zip with wide covering: to prevent heat loss through the zip
  • White zip: allows you to find the sleeping bag easily even in the dark
  • Zip retainer tape: to allow the zip to open and close more easily without getting stuck.
  • Innovative foot ventilation system: Thanks to the innovative foot ventilation system, you can place your feet comfortably on the top side of the sleeping bag to allow excess heat to vent.
  • Chamber construction: H-chambers, on the upper side also in V-shape
  • Feater loops (built-in for Feater - The Feet Heater): the waist-high bag with electrical heating can be added to the sleeping bag
  • Specially robust outer shell: ensures the durability of the sleeping bag, even in harsher climes
  • PFC free: no perfluorinated chemicals are used.

Technical details:

  • Outer material: Compostable, breathable and water-repellent ultra-light 30 denier polyester (100% polyester)
  • Inner material: Compostable, breathable polyester, pleasant to the skin
  • Filling: 750g DownWool of 70% duck down (90/10, 650+ cuin) and 30% wool
  • RDS Certification: The down in this sleeping bag is certified to the Responsible Down Standard (RDS CU 859743).
  • Size: 215 x 80 x 50 cm (for body heights up to 185 cm)
  • Weight: approx. 1.600g + stuff sack
  • Pack size: Ø 23 x 40 cm, compressed Ø 23 x 33 cm
  • Pack volume: 16 litres, compressed 14 litres
  • Material: 100% polyester, Filling: 70% down / 30% wool - contains non-textile parts of animal origin
  • Temperature EN 23537-1: TKomfort: -1°C / TLimit: -8°C / TExtrem: -26°C ++ TKomfort: 30°F / TLimit: 18°F / TExtrem: -14°F


The Biopod DownWool Ice CompostAble can be washed in your washing machine ( Washing instructions).

Scope of delivery:

sleeping bag, compression sack, storage bag, full washing and care instructions


RDS - Responsible Down Standard Logo

Wool in a sleeping lab:

Download study about wool in german as PDF-file
Download study about wool in Englisch as PDF-file

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