Biopod Wolle Murmeltier Comfort XXL

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Biopod Wolle Murmeltier Comfort XXL

High-quality lightweight sleeping bag, extra wide in the form of a blanket, with AlmWolle by lavalan® filling for spring, summer or autumn.

The Biopod Wolle Murmeltier Comfort XXL is the comfort miracle of the Grüezi bag Biopod series and has a wider cut compared to the Biopod Wolle Goas Comfort. Thanks to its AlmWolle by lavalan® filling, it has an excellent climate and very good insulation values due to the second layer of Synthdown. AlmWolle by lavalan® provides warmth and absorbs moisture, which creates an excellent sleeping climate. The sleeping climate is decisive for sleep quality. The deeper and more relaxed your sleep, the more rested you will be the next morning.

The Murmeltier Comfort XXL is lightweight and has a small pack size. The Murmeltier Comfort XXL can be used as a sleeping bag or as a blanket. If you put, e.g., a fleece jacket into the pillow pocket, the Murmeltier Comfort XXL provides a pillow which does not shift. Ideal conditions for restful sleep.

How AlmWolle by lavalan®works

Our body requires a lot of energy to regulate its temperature. Sheep’s wool offsets the climate and therefore partly takes care of temperature regulation. The remaining energy can be used to help the body recover. The processed AlmWolle by lavalan® used in Biopod sleeping bags acts as a natural air conditioning system: the body is constantly emitting moisture. However, when it gets too humid in the sleeping bag, the body gets very cold and it is no longer possible to sleep well. Wool absorbs the moisture and releases it outwards. It does so in small amounts to prevent evaporative cooling. This regulates the temperature in the sleeping bag, retaining heat or cooling, to create comfortable conditions for a restful sleep. Wool also provides warmth in damp conditions.

Grüezi bag uses wool from sheep in the Alps as the filling for its product line, Biopod.

Durable, natural, bio-degradable and renewable: Sheep’s wool, in this case special AlmWolle by lavalan®, can be shorn annually.

Range of use:

The ideal companion in spring, summer and autumn. Whether in the tent, the alpine lodge or in the camper.


  • Adjustable hood: adapts to the shape of the head extremely well
  • Pillow pocket: Put a piece of clothing, e.g. a fleece jacket, into the pillow pocket to create a pillow that stays in place.
  • Inner and external pockets: for valuable items and things you would rather have close by
  • Two-way zip with wide covering: to prevent heat loss through the zip
  • Zip retainer tape: to allow the zip to open and close more easily without getting stuck.
  • Connectable: The sleeping bag can be connected with a model from the same product line that has a zip on the other side to form a double sleeping bag.
  • Convertible into a blanket: can also be used as a blanket
  • PFC free: no perfluorinated chemicals are used.
  • Highly water repellent: due to the use of the durable german impregnation Bionic Finish Eco

Technical Details:

  • Outer material: Breathable, rustle-free, water-repellent 40D/290T nylon mini rip stop (100% polyamide)
  • Inner material: soft, breathable 50D/320T (100% polyester)
  • Good skin compatibilitiy: Confidence in Textiles - Tested for harmful substances according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®
  • Filling: 2-layer construction: 1st layer AlmWolle by lavalan®, 85% new wool, corn starch 15% (PLA) Ingeo™ Density: 60g / m² - 2nd layer synth down 100% polyester 100g /m²
  • Size: 225 x 95 cm (for body heights up to 191 cm)
  • Weight: approx. 1.600g + pack sack
  • Pack size: approx. Ø 21 x 35 cm, compressed size Ø 22 x 27 cm
  • Pack volume: 12 litres, compressed volume 10 litres
  • Material: Outside: 100% polyamide, Inside: 100% polyester, Filling: 1st layer: 85% wool / 15% polylactide, 2nd layer: 100% polyester
  • Temperature EN 13537: TKomfort: 8°C / TLimit: 4°C / TExtrem: -10°C ++ TKomfort: 46°F / TLimit: 39°F / TExtrem: 14°F

Grüezi bag sleeping bag Biopod Wolle Murmeltier Comfort XXL - temperature ratings

Care instruction:

The Biopod Wolle Murmeltier Comfort XXL can easily be washed in the washing machine on the wool cycle ( Washing instructions).

Scope of delivery:

Sleeping bag, compression sack, storage bag, full washing and care instructions

Scope of delivery Grüezi bag sleeping bag


STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® - certification for Grüezi bag


When you unpack the wool sleeping bag for the first time, it takes some time for it to become fluffy. The best result can be achieved by occasionally shaking it up and taking your time. (Insider tip: If you iron the sleeping bag loosely with a steam iron and silk setting before using it for the first time, the wool will heat up faster and can also regulate the climate better.)

Wool in a sleeping lab:

Download study about wool in german as PDF-file
Download study about wool in Englisch as PDF-file

Grüezi bag Biopod Wolle Murmeltier Comfort XXL Sleeping Bag Test Youtube Video Thumbnail

Grüezi bag Interview with a sheep on Youtube

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