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Quality meets fashion: the PÜNKTLI, manufactured in cooperation with the cult label Blutsgeschwister, is a trendy sleeping bag for the fashion-conscious!

High-quality 3-season sleeping bag for optimal temperature management in hot summer nights and in chilly spring and fall nights. Intriguing plus of the outdoor sleeping bag: its cheeky design. Boring is out – Grüezi+Bag is in!

High-contrast dotty design, dainty floral elements and the Blutsgeschwister logo make the PÜNKTLI a real fashion hit – that’s how fashion-conscious ladies feather their nest!

Not only is the outward appearance of the PÜNKTLI captivating, but also its hidden talents: the special thing about it is its inside. Due to its breathable AIR-Fiber-3D fibre, the PÜNKTLI can absorb an enormous amount of air, which has a cooling effect in hot temperatures and a warming effect in cool temperatures. Thanks to a second layer, the outer material does not need any coating so that the PÜNKTLI is rustle-free. To avoid loss of temperature, the high-quality YKK zipper is protected by a padded cover strip from inside. A retaining strap prevents any pinching when opening or closing the zipper. In addition, the zipper can be opened at the bottom, which improves air circulation. Useful detail: the zipper tag is a compass.

The PÜNKTLI offers ultimate comfort also on the inside: the extremely soft inner material and the foot box equipped with cosy micro fleece guarantee a pleasant feeling on the skin. With an elastic adjustment system, the hood can be adjusted to the head very well, and it is cosy and soft due to its velvety collar. As women like to sleep with one leg bent, the PÜNKTLI is a little wider in the middle – for the perfect “ladies sleep”! Moreover, this makes it possible to attach the PÜNKTLI to a second sleeping bag if you want. The PÜNKTLI comes in a big Easy stuff sack, in which the sleeping bag can be easily packed, but can be compressed to a small pack size for transport.

PÜNKTLI – the ideal companion for camping, for trips in the motor home, for school camps, camping at festivals or spending a night at a friend’s home.

Grüezi+Bag, the sleeping bag brand from the Alps!

  • Outer material: highly breathable and water-repellent soft polyester (100% polyester)
  • Inner material: soft, highly breathable polyester FeelSilk microfiber (100% polyester)
  • Filling:750g AIR-Fiber-3D (100% polyester)
  • Design: high-quality fleece (100% polyester)
  • Size: 215x80x55cm (for body heights 160-185cm)
  • Weight: approx.1490 g + packing bag 110g
  • Stuff sack: new Easy stuff sack (big stuff sack for easy packing which can be reduced to a very small size for transport)
  • Pack size: 40x23cm, compressed size: 27x23cm
  • Pack volume: 16 litres, compressed volume: 11 litres
  • Temperature EN 13537: 4°C/-1°C extreme: -17°C